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How to receive incoming calls with Nagish
How to receive incoming calls with Nagish
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Important: Before receiving calls with Nagish, you must ensure that Nagish has notification permissions on your device. Learn how to enable notification permissions.

Receiving calls on your existing phone number:

  1. To receive Nagish calls on your existing phone number, you will need to first link your number to Nagish.

  2. Once your number is linked to Nagish, all your calls will automatically be captioned, and no additional action is needed. With number linking, you can caption outgoing and incoming calls using your existing phone number.

Receiving calls on your Nagish number:

  1. If you prefer not to link your number to Nagish, you may still use the app for incoming calls, but you must give callers your Nagish number.

  2. Whenever someone calls your Nagish number, you should receive an incoming captioned call on Nagish. Note: Calls to your existing number will not be captioned.

  3. If you don't want to use your Nagish number, you can always activate number linking to caption calls on your existing phone number. See the instructions above.

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