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I'm a slow typer. Is Nagish a good solution for me?
I'm a slow typer. Is Nagish a good solution for me?

Yes! Click here for tips and tricks to make your typing more efficient

Updated over a week ago

There's no shame in being a slow typer. We designed Nagish to fit different typing styles.

Here's how you can get the most out of Nagish if you are a slow typer:

  1. Keep your messages as short as possible:

    1. It's best practice to send many short messages rather than one long message. Doing so creates a better conversation flow and prevents people from waiting long to get your messages.

  2. Use Quick Responses

    1. Nagish's quick responses allow you to send quick messages without typing in complete sentences. You can customize your quick responses and send them when the call starts. Learn more about quick responses.

  3. Consider the person on the other side of the line:

    1. If you are a slow typer, it's good practice to let the person on the other end of the call know that you are still there. You can do so either by using a quick response or by unmuting yourself, which will let the other person hear your background noises - indicating that you are still on the call.

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